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Disclaimer: a very personal movie review.

I’ve had this itch for weeks now. The itch hasn‘t left my side. It only got a lot itchier. Itchier and quite overwhelming. That’s basically the feeling I get when my soul literally bursts out of inspiration and enthusiasm. That’s how I feel about the latest musical movie The Greatest Showman starring Michelle Williams, Zendaya, Hugh Jackman and Zac Efron. The story revolves around Hugh Jackman’s character P.T. Barnum, who is known for establishing what we know now as the entertainment or show business. Messages within the plot line were present, though only subtly, but don’t you worry. We’ll dive into those shortly. 



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Unlike the last couple of years, I feel a sense of peace leaving this past year behind. Upon reflecting back, I’ve come to realize that I will hold these past months dearly in my heart because to my surprise, it’s hard to let go. During New Year’s Eve, I felt this sense of anxiety because I wasn’t ready to let go of this year – I felt comfortable, all set and ready to execute. I’m not quite sure why it’s so hard for me to bring this set of attitude with me in the new year, so I do hope, I’m just having separation anxiety.


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Inspired by Lauren Jarvis-Gibson’s post on ThoughtCatalog I have decided to share with you my 17 ‘harsh but Important Lessons of 2017’. Can you think of your own?

You will find a more detailed yearly recap soon on the blog, so better stay tuned, why won’t you.

1. Love hurts. It takes real courage to love others.

2. Don’t chase after other people’s paths. You have your own. Own it!

3. You’re entitled to nothing. Work hard and deserve it. Everything takes effort.

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Advent season has finally reached us! I can’t recall the last time I really looked forward to Christmas. I also realised that, even thought my schedule is packed, I really want to put my efforts into preparing myself. Therefore, as small reminders, I just want to share with you what the next weeks will be all about. This week it’s all about hope. Feel free to share these graphics with the people to remind them about what we are anticipating.

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hope jesus is coming advent stars christmas pastel pope john paul xxiii


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Whoever follows me on my Instagram knows that I enjoy listening to Podcasts. I always listen to them through the Podcast App on my iPhone. However, it should also work over your iTunes-Player since they come through there. Other than reading books, Podcasts have been very fulfilling in the sense of fuelling my intellect and understanding of certain topics. When I listen to interviews, I draw inspiration from other people’s experiences, getting to know their story and their way of life. Also, I tend to look for spiritual nourishment through the Podcasts and Channels that I follow. So here, I’d like to share some of my favorite all-free Podcast channels with you:

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Another Monday, another fresh week. Mondays, to me, are very daunting because I often find myself under pressure to be productive for the whole week. Sometimes, I even feel overwhelmed as soon as I get up in the morning because I feel like there’s so much to do.

However, I’ve tried my best to get these motions under control. As a start, I’d like to share with you some encouragements that both you and I could potentially refer back to and remind ourselves about so that we can tackle Mondays with a better attitude.

When you’re overwhelmed and just want to run away from everything, remember this:


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In anticipation of the release of the second season next Tuesday, I figured I would write about this surprisingly amazing NBC TV-Show ‘This Is Us’. For the most part, I have been enjoying a lot of different storylines and clever plot twists but the inner storytelling-geek within me couldn’t help but be touched by this TV Show.

As a short introduction, ‘This Is Us’ is about four people who share the same birthday and happen to be in the same family. Their lives are told going back and forth in time with flashbacks of their childhood and the period of growing up. This tearjerker of a TV show has become critically acclaimed and became a favourite to a lot of people.

Down below you will find my personal reasons of why to follow this TV show. 


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Hello fellow students and #studyrangers. Thank you for tuning back in for part 2 of the #studyrangerseries. I hope you had a great few days/weeks at school and hope you were able to kick it off amazingly.

This post is all about what helps to study successfully. These tips come from partly my own experiences but also from what I researched. They do not necessarily have to apply to you guys since every person is and has their own set of study habits, yet I hope these points come in handy some time in your journey. Let’s dive in to, shall we?


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4For most of you school is going to start tomorrow again and for some of you it might be the first last school day, for some it might be the first day in a new school or for many it might just be another first day at school. However, we are pushed back to reality again after a great summer of not worrying and being lazy, which means that we need to armour up and get ready for another year of learning, studying and striving for excellence. Therefore, I hope, that this short series serves as an assistance for you to kick off the new school year with the right posture of heart and mind.