Motherlove and her (harsh) pieces of wisdom =]


This external family issues just won’t settle down which make my mum kinda upset. I was sitting at the big dining table and was having lunch when she suddenly rummaged through the advertisements and magazines on the table and started ranting about how people could be so stupid in love. She started being really sarcastic for a change and it made me laugh so hard, out of confusion and out of fascination how humourous my mum can actually be. Mum always has a harsh way of making fun of slightly illogical people. Well, well… she must’ve given me that trait :P

Anyways, she was ranting about how I should never cry over a boy. She also made it clear that I should never come home, moaning to her about a guy who left me and fell out of love. She’s super harsh but believe me, she’s not emotionless. So, I was sitting there and couldnt stop laughing. The best thing was that she said: “Yeah, if that guy doesnt love you anymore dont cry over him – look for a new one!”

The best thing by far was then, that she started looking at my 11-year old brother and started texting him about the same thing: “If a girl doesnt love you, don’t cry because of her.”

Poor guy, I thought and he didnt even understand why she was telling him all this as he later asked me what she was talking about.

But I must say she does have a point in this. I can say that when it comes to guys you shouldnt be dependent on them. You have to have your own brains and stop thinking that everything evolves on him. That’s the worst thing you can do. What if he won’t be there anymore? Your whole world falls apart? You think you can’t live anymore and you’d rather die because he’s not into/with you anymore? That’s total BS. You’ll get over it some day and look at it as an enrichment to your experience. I guess, you’re less affected by such loss if you’ve continued doing your thing. Just don’t make the guy you love (esp. if he’s not The One, you want to marry) be the centre of the universe as there are other more important things in your life that need being cared of.

So, what my Mum’s piece of wisdom was, is this to consider your guy as someone who’s worth investing your time:

* Does he believe in God?
* Does he love you for who you truly are? Does he love you despite your faults?
* Is he/she ready to change so that your relationship can develope into something more serious?

If these pretty essential points do not correspond to your guy, then maybe think your relationship over. Still, I’m not the one to tell what to do or not to do. I’m just sharing my mum’s wisdom.

Oh and Mum?
You’re the harshest, most dominant, coolest and best Mother =]
Mum, you’re the best!


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