You are average? I LIKE YOU.


So this is my first blog in a long time and I hope that I can update it once in a while with topics that lie really close to my heart. Blogging hast become such an important impact in the Media and Communication area that I was thinking of improving my writing online and making use of it. Annyyway, that was the introduction to the beginning of my blog-writing-career.

I have actually just read an article from the ‘Kronen Zeitung’-magazine. It is not the best magazine there is, but sometimes they do have quite interesting articles. Its title was (translated) “Bravery for the Mediocrity”.

It has been a topic my mind has been exposed with lately. I thought I had to write about it after reading Dickens ‘Hard Times’ and now reading this article. Finding oneself in a completely wrong school and observing how the students act has become part of my daily life now for the past five years. It is true that people strive for perfection. That nothing can be held against them when they are perfect. People want to be better than others, want the success and the prestige with it but they forget one thing – happiness. Do people think they are happy when they work 24/7 just to be on top? Are people happy with themselves when people envy them although their lives are falling into pieces? Why does society encourage perfection and avoid mediocrity? We live in a profitorientated world, no doubt, but the more people I see, striving for this goal, the less I see a personality shining through them. In Dicken’s book, students were drilled to learn facts and figures and only facts and figures. They were not allowed to have feelings, emotions or dreams because they wouldn’t profit from it in future.
According to the article, between 1997 and 2004 depression and anxiety has been constantly growing and people between the age of 15 and 34 years have been affected. Society expects too much of people nowadays. Only looking at the Hollywood stars who look plastically flawless is a very good example. But even people who lead a less privileged life, like me, have hard times fitting into todays society. People who are only average are said to be invisible because they do not stand out. I do not stand out in my class due to my perfomance in school and neither do I stand out because I am super pretty because I would rather stand out to be one person who tries to stop this seriousness in life. I would rather stand out as a person who spreads happiness and smiles. For me, life is too short to be serious.
I say, dream and live. Have feelings, have emotions and be who you are because that is the only thing that counts in life. What would prestige and money bring you in life? Not much because if you haven’t lived your life to the fullest extent what is there to live then?
Be passionate people, is what I can say. If there is nothing you are overly enthusiastic about although you are perfect in every other sense then what is there to admire?

Being average is the best thing that can happen to you because once you are happy, every other person sees that and is automatically infected and attracted by if. Being ‘only’ average is nothing to be sad about. If you want to be perfect, then rather strive for excellence than perfection. Excellence is able to achieved but perfection is not because the only person who truly is perfect is of course GOD.

Keeping it short and sweet, be happy with who you are even if you are only average. People do stand out in their own way and embrace that because you have not been sent on Earth to be nothing special. Mediocrity FTW!

=] <3



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