The Issue with Thank yous and Sorrys


Is it just me or has saying sorry become the hardest thing to say?
I can say from my part that it is terribly hard for me to say ‘sorry’ to someone I appreciate and love. It is not because of my stubborness but more because I’m embarrassed of my wrong-doing. I am so used to having to do the right thing all the time that is why I cannot bear doing something wrong and giving in. Yeah, the pride does get a little scratch from embarrassing situations.

On the contrary, saying Thank You is something I really like saying. It shows appreciation and gratitude towards other people. I cannot say thank you enough to the people who stick to me. And of course, being grateful to the man above is something important to me too. Still, sometimes people do take things for granted. And I can say that I am part of that majority in the population. When people hand you things in life that are as a matter of course for them and you tell yourself it should be the same case for you then it is pretty easy falling into the same pot of unthankful people. The temptation is big, especially when material things are involved. You get the impression that you’ll get this gadget and that gadget anyways so you do not have to try to accomplish anything at all. Going back to that attitude and working hard for something I want to have is something really hard for me at the moment, BUT I am working on it.

Thought I’d kinda disuss this. Hope it makes you think about it.

=] <3 dont forget to smile


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