Lola Aya at 70 =D


My sort-of-lola who actually is my greataunt celebrated her 70th birthday. Shame on me for always thinking she’s 63 years old :P Anyways, the family gathered in a Chinese Restaurant in the 13th district. Not really my cuppa tea of district but it was chilled :D So, she’s always the person who when watching her favourite soap operas to always scream ‘gago’ or ‘baahnsinn’. She’s always the person who says ‘ahaaayyy’ out of pity and who’s always talking in broken German – bless her heart. Since my real lolas and lolos are back in Phili, I can say that she’s the only lola I had growing up. And the best thing about her is that she’s super caring and I just love when she starts saying ‘Pangâ, habst euk schon gegessen?’. So, apart from celebrating lola’s birthday, my cousins and far-yet-near cousins also showed up. Of course we caught up as we don’t see each other that often, unfortunately. It just makes me realise that we’re all growing up so fast. We talk about university, work and of course about future realtionships. It was pretty obvious that my uncle just couldnt help himself to ask me if I had a bf. When I answered no, he was saying I would end up being single for the rest of my life. I just laughed it off. My aunt was like ‘naaa, you have enough time. dont rush into things’. How right she is. So as for that, I had a short but great time with the family =D ach, i love family gatherings.

Manang Jomah, Kuya (who should stop acting cool -.-‘), moi and Valerie aka Candy =]

My lola’s wonderful so-called grandchildren minus my little sister =] Keen being extra cute? and Kuya being totally abnormal again -.-”

=] <3 dont forget to smile.

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