Running Sushi Session


I SWEAR TO YOU, the best suicide attempt you can make, is eating at a running sushi restaurant, indelicately said. I was sooo full that it was hard laughing about my brother’s stupid jokes. But then again we didn’t go there just to eat, we visited Candy during her shift. She’s super cute in her uniform and she does a great job. I used to work in that place and I’ll tell you, it was hell of a work. You’re on your feet for 12 hours, although not always on the go, as at a certain time not many people visit, still, tough work waiting tables.
After the sushi session Kuya and I walked the Margaretenstraße to digest and walked past the tealicious store. Surprise much, that people were there I knew? No, not really xD Although that store is on my street, I still hadnt got the chance to go there. BUMMER, but soon, but soon ;D Apart from that, I came across a few vintage stores, one which recently opened and looks soooo Monki-like?! Super stoked about that. Hopefully, I’ll find the time and have the money to shop there :D yikes ^^

The sushi is ruuuuuning :D

Kuya being the biggest psycho in public again xD


Candy aka Valerie ‘proudly’ presents her uniform – which I used to wear as well :P

Choose L.O.V.E. <3

The new vintage store near my place :DD

=] <3 dont forget to smile.


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