She laughed, she talked, she laughed, she yawned then she sang =]


It has been a long time. I really has been a long time but I was glad that I met up with my ex-schoolmates. I do miss them in school. I figured they’re the certain people who balanced everything out during school time. Anyways, Dominik just couldn’t stop being super offensive to Kanika, but that’s nothing new. Nicole and I just listened to their complicated, totally incomprehesible conversation. Apart from that it was a fun evening at the super chilled Coffeday in the City :D
Sorry for the really bad picture quality… my phone sucks with no light -.-”

The unnecessary blueberry muffin I ate :/

Ze giiirls – Niggi et Kanikaaa

Dominik all smiles =D

=] <3 dont forget to smile


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