My love for…


P A R A M O R E finally explained:

In my opinion, they’re the BEST EVER. It’s their music that got me hooked in the first place. Yeah, I used to be some kid who only listened to My Chemical Romance, Billy Talent and other bands with a rather darker touch BUT they were purely Rock ‘n Roll! I think Hayley’s voice overwhelmed me and made me want to be like her. Now, over the years, I got to know their music better and even a little bit their personalities. I can say they are the most down-to-earth people in the music business EVER and I really appreaciate them for that. They know where they come from and they know that nothing is ever to be taken for granted. Furthermore, it’s their belief in God that inspires me a lot as well and I guess that is also the reason they stay so grounded. They don’t take themselves too seriously (looking at the picture) and I think that’s what’s life about. Sometimes you just can’t take everything seriously. You gotta have some fun, somewhere ;D

As for Hayley… if I could ever meet her, I guess that would be the best day of my life. She’s such a laid back person and I’m so inspired by her. It’s not only that I can relate to her music and her lyrics it is way more because she kind of always surprises people with her lyrics. Who would’ve thought that ‘Turn It Off’ is about God and her belief? I envy her for her voice. I’m so impressed by how it always sounds so clear, whether on disk or live. It sounds like Hayley, always and that what makes her so unique, apart from her own fashion sense. I think she would make such a chilled friend to hang with.

As for THAT, people who know me, know that I’m super obsessed by Paramore and their music and everything around it. Thank God that people put up with it. My older brother for instance who’s by me selected gifts are always paramore merchs xD Maybe I get a paramore clock for christmas?! or even that ‘only exception’ necklace! Anyways, what I’m also very very judgmental about is when people cover their songs. I’m not very delighted when people cover their songs because it’s just not Paramore-ish. So, you kinda see I’m super protective about Hayley’s voice :P weird of me, I know. Anyways, I hope you appreciate the band as much as I do because, they’re truly the REALEST band I know out there.

=] <3 dont forget to smile.


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