Weekend Recap


Big, big, big siiiiiiigggghhh. Last week was pretty tough, but I got through it. French, english and history test all within two days :O and a german presentation at the end of the week. Kinda bummed about that presentation tho… it was hella boring and I could’ve done it way better, but well… a ‘C’ is a ‘C’!

Last friday was pretty busy! I ended school around 12pm and went to meet my dearest Sio in the City to grab some super lunch at McDonald’s and to get some homework done. We coincidentally bumped into Anne, who was out and about in the City as well :) Later she joined us with a few other people in McDonald’s. Reminds me of the phonecall Sio and I had about these people who worked in a certain store! It was hilarious guessing the code names she gave people. The best was ‘he thinks he’s a producer’ HAHAHA! Super fun! The reason why we all met up was because we had a GA later that afternoon. Before that the others had some Bubbletea at Tealicioius. I’ve tried it one and I was quite disappointed because everyone loves it, only my weird tongue doesn’t.
The GA was successful and I thank God for bringing each and everyone there. We were somewhat 40 people in a small room and I was just so happy that we’re growinig each year. I feel so blessed to be part of all this because it’s the place where I feel safe and secure. I found my bestes friends there and I can’t be any happier.
After the GA Anne, Kim and I rushed home to get ready for our dear Lucille’s BDAY bash which she had with Jahn and Pam. I was super tired when I got home and trying to find an outfit for the night was soooo annoying. I eventually found something cosy and neat since I only stayed for the Bar-party. Lots of people were there and it was fun :) Sio had the time of her life doing the Karaoke bit :P Nah, it was all good, all good :] We both had to leave earlier because I had to study and she had work the next day so we took advantage of the super great 24h public transport provided by our city :D From what I’ve heard, Lucille had a blast and I’m happy for that because it’s obviously what she deserves when turning eighteen =] Love you, Princess :D

Saturday was a drag. I started the day watching all of my tv-shows. From ‘My life as Liz’ to ‘How I Met Your Mother’ even though I had lots to study! But it turned out well, I guess…

Sunday was pretty nice. I went to church with my family and later met up with my TG’s :) We went to have lunch at that great italian restaurant Vapiano which is like the greatest invention ever. There you won’t get waited, you have to get your food yourself by having this card which scans your order. With that you go to the cashier and they scan the card again and you pay. Food was super good and we were hella full after the lunch. What do I not do for my girls? I was actually going to go home to continue studying but I thought, I do not get to see them that often especially lately and that was why I followed them to the mass where the YFL-choir was singing. Yes, I was a good Christian that day. Went to the mass twice :P But I learnt a lot and that is what matters. After the mass we hoped to get some quality time because we had to update each other but unfortunately we only had about 15 min. of alone time before the YFL-Babies and the others joined us. It was fun though, especially the humour of some people was quite amusing.

Now, I’m writing this blog, even though I should study. This kinda sucks, this studying but that’s what I have to put up for, for the next couple of months. I can’t wait for the Summer. Sooooo, can’t wait for my life to really begin :D Moreover, after I put all this behind me, I know I’m even happier than I’m now.


Oh sorry for the 478ml-of-pure-American-originated-but-produced-in-the-Netherlands-Greentea-blissfulness! LOVE LOVE LOVE

Caesar Salad FTW!


=] <3 dont forget to smile.


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