Remember this:


My mum always tells me that all the good, successful and best people are only humans too and have feelings. They might look perfect from the outside and come across like that but on the other hand they have problems too and their lives are far from perfect. Sometimes being average is just the best thing to be because you have average problems and average difficulties, or not?

Here’s something that might make me remember things easier:

-people who criticize a lot, are insecure

-people who complain a lot, seldom makes actions

-people who insult a lot, are commonly ugly

-people who flirt a lot, lack love and attention

-people who gossip a lot, never had true friends

On the other hand

-people who are successful are usually those who were once weak & poor

-people who achieve a lot, got many inspiration

-people who stick to one lover, experience true love

-and the people who are happy, are always kind to others

Behind every personality lies a positive/negative experience.

=] <3 dont forget to smile.


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