Blog whining


Life is good, only school really, really, really sucks.

I woke up today, feeling pretty bad. On one hand, I’ve been having this cold since yesterday and on the other hand I’m pissing my pants because of Monday. Monday is so doomed and I already know now. Next week I’m getting all my exams back and they’re most probably all negative. I have no idea what the heck’s wrong with me. I could’ve done so much better, but if I tell myself this all my thoughts would revolve around the fact that I actually didn’t want to do it better, that I’d only strive to get the studying over and done with instead of actually excelling my exam. I’m such a spoilt little kid and I actually don’t deserve anything at the moment. I don’t deserve going out on the weekends, I should rather stay home and do school-stuff till 1am. But then the tempation in me says that I could do with a little distraction. It’s not like I have so much to do next week – see, there you go! Those are my thoughts. I’m not taking things serious enough and it’s like I don’t care that I don’t. I would always find an excuse for my actions and that’s so bad. I’m so scared for the next week. I found myself sitting on my bed today, just staring into the complete blankness absorbed in thoughts. How am I gonna avoid exams at the end of the semester in the 3 major subjects? I’m lost. I don’t want to study more than I should and I guess that’s the problem.

=] <3 dont forget to smile, hm?


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