Day #1 out of 236


The kitchen’s finally done, YAY! My parents have hired some technician to install this touchscreen surface on our stove. It’s funny how the older generation is super fascinated with the technology nowadays. They even think that we youngsters don’t quite get the function of it, well… DUH! Mr. Technician, thank you for your instructions BUT I kinda know how to handle it.

I’m lying in bed due to my restlesnesss and the gazillion of things inside my mind. I need time to get over stuff and get used to it. In times like these I’ve got to find distraction which should be school but I’m not ready yet. That’s what I feel. I’ve got to be patient and set my priorities straight now, like seriously.
However, I can’t avoid memories replaying my head and the nostalgia that comes along with it.

17 weeks till my final exams and yeah, I’m the type of person who crosses each week out and counts down the days. Until then there’s got to be lots of prayers, lots of studying and lots of smiling.

=] <3 dont forget to smile.


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