The week started shit but who said it’d end shit ?


Monday was terrible, terrible, terrible and so will next monday be but what’s there to do, ey? Anyways, the week ended pretty good actually. The accounting exam went fine and I hope the result will be fine as well. Studying did pay off and that’s what I’m so relieved about. Yesterday I allowed myself a chill day and did nothing for school which kinda made me panic today in the morning but nothing bad happened =]

After Biology in the morning, my teacher stopped me. I was rather surprised by that because teachers don’t usually talk to me. But she did make my day when she said that she liked my last years’ article in the students news paper :D She really really liked it and I was thrilled and super proud of myself. She said that I was talented in writing things like that and that just made me realise that that will and should be my future if ever it is God’s plan =]

Today, Oebb’s Postbus Manager Mr. Stiastny held a talk and I can say, he’s such an inspiring and ambitious person. He has accomplished so much in his life and that only because many doors opened for him by chance. He graduated from a catholic boarding school and started working in a bank immediately since it was offered to him. He made a training and ever since then all doors opened for him. He has worked his way up and is at a top position in his career now. It was amazing how much he has accomplished by simpy doing what he liked and what he was passionate about. Not only is Mr. Stiastny a top person in the Austrian economy but is also a person with ethic values and very socially orientated. He couldn’t stop stressing talking about how disabled-friendly the busses were which he introduced. Moreover, he is a very enthusiastic marketing person with great ideas. Not only has his parcour scolaire impressed me very much but more his personality. As judgemental as I am with people who have a high status in the work life I thought that he was a person who would be totally full of himself and arrogant because of their high position. I was proved wrong and I’m glad for that. The most thing that impressed me was when he talked about people’s behaviour nowadays. Him growing up in a conservative environment always has these values of how to treat the people. He mentioned how shocking he finds it when people do not greet each other or even help each other. That was when I knew ‘dang, that dude is so grounded’. You don’t see that many people nowadays who have accomplished so much and still stay modest and completely grounded. Especially academics think too much of themselves in my opinion (which will probably offend people). Anyways, furthermore, my teacher asked him an essential question for us graduates: “What tipps can you give these students after they’ve finished school.”
His answers were these:
1. Know what you want. If you want to know that you’re good with people, maybe go into that sector.
2. Listen to your guts first, then to your heart and lastly to your brains.
3. Stay friendly, open and well-mannered.

I was very much impressed by that and very much inspired. He is no academic after all. He did not study at University or anything.
At the end of his presentation he was courtious enough to say goodbye to each and one of the students. That was nothing we expected but we were so grateful for it.

To recap the day: many, many surprises and signs from God that I actually am doing the right thing and I bet it was just another incentive of him to make me keep moving on. Cheers God ;D

=] <3 dont forget to smile.


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