When you wake up and feel confused…


My mind is turrrrrrning and tuuuuurning and tuuuuuurning and it sucks.

The one thing I am sure of what I want in my life is that I want to do my A-levels and start a career. Other than school matters, I have no idea what I want. I’m currently so absorbed with school that other things do not seem to matter that much.
As impulsive as I am, my mind can change tomorrow and I’d be all lovey dovey everything is bubbly. But for today, i’m just like ‘whaaaaaaaaaaatever’!
I just realised yesterday when everyone was talking me in to something – what do I really want with this? People can make such a stress out of a little thing that I don’t even take that seriously. Well, it is something serious but I’m not capable of making this a priority when school is something more important.
In times like these I just wish I could get away and get my mind off all these things and just explore. Not even staying in bed doing nothing would suit me now. I’m all over the place and I hate being all over the place because there’s not much I can do.

-13 Days for Christmas. Ask me on the 23rd whether I’m in Xmas feeling, because that’s when I really am.

=] <3 dont forget to smile.

PS. I realised I have hard times on being complimented because I do not take myself that seriously and I don’t see myself that way. I’m the biggest dork ever :P


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