Weekend Recap and Suprise-Monday


Friday was rather hectic and stressful. My little sis celebrated her 13th Birthday. I feel so old already :P She invited 14 of her friends to chill out at our place before going to the movies. I tell you, 14 preteenaged kids are a hell of a work. They didn’t give me a hard time though. It was just that there were so many people in our little apartment. I had to provide them with food and had to do all the preparations. Hella stressful but my little sis had a great time. That was what mattered. Still, too many people in our apartment is rather aggravating. Being the ironic kid in the family, I joked that I wanted a party at my place too but with 30 people. I only wanted to annoy my mum with it but she seriously thought about it and surprisingly approved of it. She was like ‘why not?’
Mum, mum, mum… my dear mum does not get my sense of humour at all. Dad on the other hand giggled compeletly knowing what I was getting at.

Saturday was whaaaack. Got up in no good mood at all. It was typically one of those days where you just felt ‘ugh. not want’ even though I had so much to do. Hence I felt like that the whole freaking day. The rest of the family stressed around after lunch because they were off to the CFC FFL Christmas party. I so couldn’t wait for them to leave and for me to have some alone and thinking time. When they had finally left I felt super drowsy and tired and look there, I fell asleep and wasted two hours of my working time. I wasn’t productive at all that day which kind of sucked because there’s still so much to do before Christmas.

Sunday was waaaaaaaay better. I sorta slept in, although as the freak I am I always have my alarm on. Every day of the week my alarm rings to wake me up. Anyways, mum did some real good breakfast before going to church. We demanded a thanksgiving mass since it was my parents’ 25th anniversary two weeks ago and we haven’t really celebrated it properly. Mass was good, it was really good because the Gospel and the preach after that really did open my eyes. Not optimism is the key but hope. That is what I’ve learnt and you know, Hope dies last :) So, during mass I was quite puzzeled because there was no thanksgiving mass in sight for us. Only then when Fr. Ron was talking about a couple who celebrated their anniversary should be honoured and blessed. That was when I got it and was like ‘riiiiiiiiight, time for us to be in the spotlight.’ And yes indeed, the whole family had to come to the front. We’re like the only big family in the church community which quite blends us out so it was so self-evident that Fr. Ron had to make a remark about it. Anyways, standing in front of the people was somewhat rather weird for me but yeah, it was for the sake of my parents’. So yeah, my parents kinda had to renew their vows, inofficially. It was just a spontaneous act Fr. Ron asked them to do. Geeez, how typical it was that Daddy was close to tears when saying his few words and Mom totally short, consice and neutral. It’s so funny when you see yourself in one of your parents personality. For my part, I’m so much like Mum when it comes to emotions. It’s not that I’m emotionless or cold but I guess, we keep our emotions to ourselves and stay diplomatic and neutral towards situations like these. YFL sang during the mass and of course all of my friends got to watch the Tidoso Family standing in the front. As my parents stood there and renewed their vows, the YFLs couldnt help themselves and cried ‘ahhhhhhhhiiiii’ behind my back. It was so typical of you guys xD
After mass we had a little get together with my aunt, my lola and titas and titos who’re close to my parents. It was fun. My parents enjoyed themselves and us kids as well. Good times good times =]

Them parents. Always and STILL lovey dovey <3 Your little cheeky daughter loves you =]

So now on Monday, which normally totally ruins the week, I surprisingly did not have a bad day at all. The getting-up in the morning was rather hard as usual but I turned up the volume to Kanye’s new Album and I was pumped. YES, Kanye’s music kinda got me over the weekend. Does that make me cool now? Or am I still a dork?! :DD
Last week I was super annoyed that the french exam didnt go well at all. What happened now? God blessed me and I was more than positive on that exam. I totally did not expect that and therefore I’m so grateful for God. It really does only get better and if not, I can be sure it still does :)
143 – I LOVE GOD <3

=] <3 dont forget to smile


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