Thank God it’s FRIDAY :D


Ohh wow for three things:
1. these ‘Daim’ Chocolates are so good but soo bad for your teeth. I’m damaging mine now.
2. in less than a week it’s Christmas.
3. the Maths Exam wasn’t a catastrophe after all =]

Just to recap the week. Ufff, well Monday was a great day. Got the French exam back and it surprisingly was positive. I was deffo wowed by that. Tuesday was such a drag. Demotivation first thing and then that teacher who hated on my Timbs. Well, not exactly, but we weren’t supposed to wear outdoor shoes in school due to the weather and she caught me in the act, during class though, when she was bored and stared into the nothingness. That comment was rather unnecessary but it’s typically me to get caught when I do not obey the rules ONCE! I was just like ‘ach, give me a break. we all know you don’t quite like me’. Thats bad though, I need all sypathy points from all teachers in order to make my A-levels. Never mind. After school, Jharna and I went to tutor classes for maths. I was super exhausted and totally demotivated. There was just soo much to do and I was so tired since I didnt get that much sleep.
Wednesday was hella stressful?! Like wth?! Two things in the morning straight up. Geography revision and presentation. Both went fine. Could’ve done better but I might as well be content for what grade she gave me =] So I spent my afternoon studying for the math exam. You probability problems really give me a headache. Ezzy and logic?! Too much, too much.
Anyways, yesterday class ended at 10.20am and I went straight home and studied hardcore. What was that?! about 10 hours of maths studying?! Very very productive, I’d say ;D And it paid off since it went pretty smooth. I mean without a little help from Jharna, I would’ve done stupid mistakes but she showed me. Oh yeah and today in the morning, I had to do two (German&English) Biology revisions. HAHAHAHA! It was a mess. Such a mess, but they gave me a three on both so I can’t complain. For this semester I don’t have to do anything for Biology anymore ;P hahahaa…

It’s gotten super cold in Vienna and I don’t like it. It’s never been this cold in ages, I guess, or maybe I’ve just staying inside the whole time while it happened. Same goes for this weekend. Staying in, writing my project paper and studying English. Yay for that -.-‘ There are two parties to where I could go to, but well, as you know – School’s first.

Anyways, I’m off to the GA now. So excited to see my friends again :] haven’t seen them in aaaaages. Really looking forward to that. Let’s call it a day, ey ;D

=] dont forget to smile.


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