Pre-Christmas Blog-Whine


Just got up from a nap. Ach, how I hate it getting up from a nap, knowing you still have to study.

Anyways, I just got another ‘lesson’ from my dear mother. It’s not that I’ve done something wrong, she actually wants to point out mistakes that I can make in future.
I’ve learnt a lot from it though. Knowing that in the future you cannot always write from your heart. Well, a bit of heart must be put into it as well, but looking at the bigger picture you have to stick to facts, you have to present what you have written in a good light. I would have never considered looking at the things this way until my mother has pointed out how journalists should be.
When going into journalism, I must say it is quite a tricky job especially when representing a particular topic and presenting it to the world. Sometimes it can really go wrong and people might see you in a different light although you actually present yourself totally differently. It is also tricky because what you write is expected to be true so basically you are responsible of people’s knowledge that they get every time they read the newspaper.
Strengths, developments and values should be presented positively and these should be the key points on how to represent something. Many negative things might be true but living in the 21st century it is not like things do not change, do they?

It opened my eyes now and I feel quite inspired to strive for the better and try to think out of the box when writing. I haven’t written anything in ages but what my mom has told me, it kind of refreshes my mind and my motivation. The only downside to this discussion is that she won’t stop talking about what things should be changed. I haven’t made up my mind that much yet, although I should always be making my mind up, developing opinions and things but recently my brain is just empty. It’s like my parents have stopped pumping me with values and traditions. Why that, I question? Well, because I am growing up and because I should be old enough to decide on my own, have an opinion on my own. It seems like as if I’ve stayed at the same spot, doing things where I’m good at which I have been over the last couple of years but with no progression. It’s high time to educate myself on a higher level now. How I wish things were so easy and I had so much time. School is so time consuming that I cannot do other things on the side. When was the last time I have read a book I really really wanted to read? I guess, summer 2009?!

I have told myself to buy myself this book, that has been all over the place now. Its quotes on tumblr at least. From that point on, I guess I’ll try to educate myself more and try to learn new things or try to deepen my knowledge with reading.

I wonder how this works out, though. I just hope for the best.
Well, this was supposed to be a blog-whine but thanks mother for completely taking me by surprise and coming up with this topic.

Well, I can’t avoid a short whine though: I just don’t want and can’t study for English shortly before Christmas. I want to do well on one hand but on the other hand its just like ‘achhhh, urggghhh. so unnecessary’

That’s enough for me today,

Everything you read in newspapers is absolutely true, except for that rare story of which you happen to have first-hand knowledge. ~Erwin Knoll

=] <3 dont forget to smile


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