Whaddup Kanye?


So yeah, this dear friend of mine who’s an absolute Kanye West fan has got me hooked to his music. YES YOU there! My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is such a good album, like real talk! I love the lyrics, the artists on the album and of course the music itself. YES, someone like me who’s always been loyal to rather alternative/rock music can also listen to someone like Kanye who’s obviously a rapper! Although I still find it pretty stupid what he did to Taylor Swift a year a go or something, I highly appreciate his talent and his music.
So the songs I listen to almost every day are the following:
– All of the Lights
– Gorgeous
– Runaway
– Lost in the World
– So Appalled

Great, great, great music people. Might wanna check it out ;D

=] <3 dont forget to smile.


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