2010 Recap Pt. 1


Since I have more time now and the year comes to its end soon, I have more time to be nostalgic and to kinda go through the happenings of 2010. Here’s just one of the most memorable times I had this year: NEW YORK fucking CITY, baby!

Empire State Of Mind, literally :)

Yes, them yellow cabs!

The Austrians =) My schoolmates!

Margaret, my host, and me at the Rockefeller Center.

Jazzey-fizzle, Gerry and me in the subway. Yesss, them New Yorkan Subways :)

Jazzey-fizzle et moi. Picture taken in front of the New York Times building. Dreams, dreams, dreams!

Jharna, Armin and me in front of Queen Liberty :)

That’s Times Square, right there :D

Oh Right! That super spacy, intergalactic restaurant with weird mascots walking around… Still, great, great evening =]

Armin my NY-Buddy and Me =]

Yes Siiirrss, little Ezzy at Columbia University :) Dream of all Dreams.

=] <3 dont forget to smile.


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