Skins :)


I’ve seen the USA Version on Skins and all I was thinking was ‘This is rubbish’.
The American Teenager Movies with their all-American houseparties have made such an impression on me, that it’s not quite credible for me when it comes to really hard partying. The Brits make a more realistic impression on me. It’s not just the way they party but more this certain Brit charisma and charm get’s me every single time.
Maybe I’ve just seen too many American Series and Shows that nothing really can shock me anymore. Nothing ever can measure up to some of the Brit Dramas there are.
So, see for yourself and look which Skins Version you like better. I deffo go for the first two since they’re my fave fave fave seasons and cast ;D

Skins Season 3

Skins Season 4

Skins USA Season 1

=] <3 dont forget to smile.


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