Shopping-List 2010


I haven’t been properly shopping in aaaaaaages :) Therefore I’ve been researching and looking at stuff this morning and I’m so psyched it’s sale at Zara’s. I’ve just picked out a few stuff from different online stores that I might wanna get myself.

For New Year’s maybe a dress?

Yes, and in total need of new pants

Maybe some pullovers as well?

I don’t wanna get these but I just looooove this sort of bag. Although I’m quite content with my Guccibag, I might wanna get myself another bag like these:

Other than that I’m so in need of Accessories… I need new rings and new bracelettes. I found an insider store with lots and lots of accessories :) I might wanna get some over there. Other than that, I guess that pretty much it.
A book would be great too and I’ll probably finally get a new book as well. I’ve still got to look at the options first. ‘The perks of being a wall flower’ is still an open option and maybe I’ll get other books as well. And BIG PLUS, I totally need new office supplies. I need post-its, like lots of them, I need new pens and I need a new collegepad. That’s it for the moment.

=] <3 dont forget to smile.


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