Gotta Kick Some Ass in 2011


Sooooooooo, today is the BIG DAY :P Or should I rather say, in a few minutes it’s the BIG DAY?!

Acchhh, 2010 was just a year with lots of ups and downs, tears and laughs, new places and new people and I am soo grateful for that. I actually wanted to post a few highlights on my blog but somehow I just didn’t find the time for it. ANYWAYs, to recap the year I’ll just post a few pictures.

However, for 2011 I just hope for the best and I am sooo excited what this new year will bring me. I know with lots of patience my life will flourish even more and I bet everything will pay off for what I have to wait. With more dedication and work for school I will make it to graduation.

I’m gonna embrace 2011 with a big huuugg and a big fat portion of hope and happiness =D

As promised, my highlights of 2010:


Sio’s Debut <3 It was held in the City Centre at the Marriott Hotel and it was an amazing, incredible and totally great night!

YFL’s Cartoon Carnival – DoReMi with the TG’s <3 HAHAA xD Kuya Joseph in the background :P

SPRING – March, April

St. Patricks Day with the New Yorkers :) Geez, that week was one hell of a party. We went out every night and I’ll tell you, barmarathon much? Yes it was :P

New York FUCKING Citttyyyy! GOSH! It was incredible. It was such a new experience. The lights, the hectic, the people – everything completely different! I enjoyed it and New York can bet that I’ll be back sooner or later!

My 18th BDAY in Wonderland =] I’m still so wowed about that special evening. I held my debut in a tent in Prater. I had so much fun and that night made me really appreciate the people around me and made me realise that lots of people care for me. Kudos to you guys :) I love y’all!

My first ever theatre performance :P HAHA! It was a laugh! Great, great experience. Too bad I can’t join the theatre group this year. Apparently they’ll be playing something from Shakespeare. Isn’t that soo typical that every time people plan something really cool, I don’t get to join? But no hate, no hate :) They’ll be super duper fine without me!


Party people in sunny, hot and sexy Cannes, France :) What else can you want? Ending the school year with a 2 week vacation on the Côte d’Azur? The only downside to that vacation was that I missed the TG’s, Candy and my family really really badly and yeah, the language was pretty hard BUT I still had a great time. Lots of laughs and lots of chill-time!

Boating with SCLUB – I was extremely stoked about seeing the SCLUB people again. Venice was away for a whole month, I was gone for two weeks and the others were super busy with Congress prep. After the congress I was so happy to see them again and that’s how we ‘celebrated’ our get-together! It was hella fun and insanely hot as well, but it was super duper fun :D

Climbing with the Core Group :) We had an activity/overnight at Kuya Joseph’s. It was really fun. Anne and I helped Kuya Sep and Ate JJ cooking the food and stuff. Totally happy family moment :P It was a very interesting activity and I learned much from it.

KFL Congress. FUN. LOUD. FUN. It’s like you yourself become like a little child when you’re surrounded by so many. Part of the service team was from Zurich and Oslo. We played lots of games, the kids got to scream A LOT and the best part was going to Boogie Park, the indoor playground. Everyone had a great time and it was a great experience and opportuninty to serve again.

Mum’s Birthday :) Ohwwweeeee… mum had a great time! We celebrated her birthday in Candy’s backyard. It was much fun! Good food, good people :D

Travelgirl’s Photoshooting! Best way to end a Summer! The girls and I participated in that Katy Perry Competition where the chance was offered to be part of her ‘Fireworks’-Video. Hence, we shot a video and made some pictures as well. It was a really fun day and I can’t wait for the next summer with more shenanigans!

FALL – September, October

Jamming Night with AJ Rafael =] Who would’ve thought that I got to hang out with a Youtube-Star? AHHAHA xD it was a great evening with lots of talented young acts I really look up to and envy. AJ is a real cool guy and so easy to get along with.

Love in Amsterdam, Brainfuck in Bruxelles <3 Ahhhh, the last trip with my class EVER. I loved Amsterdam and the people and the architecture and the way of living there. I'll most def visit that place some time again and Bruxelles was quite something, I must say! Lots of cultures and nationalities in one big place. Very intersting was the EU-part of the trip as well. Something that can only be offered once in a life time :D

Kimmmmiiiii – drinking partner – finally at 18 :D It was a great niiiiiight with great people and food! Kimmiiiii I LOVE YOU <3

Night out with the girls <3 last proper one in December! That was one of a chaos night but still… it was super funny roaming around empty streets with the people you LOVE to hang around with and you call your closest friends :)

Yesssssiiirrr, bye bye 2010 and HELLO 2011 <3

=] <3 don't forget to smile.



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