le 02 janvier 2011 – Travelgirls’ Xmas&New Year Celebration


J’ai eu une bonne journée =] FINALLY! We had a little Travelgirls get-together at Venice’s place today after mass after how long? aaaages probably and it was awesome! I was pretty much still half asleep after mass, since my dad woke me up right before we actually had to leave for church and therefore the day started pretty stressed, BUT the afternoon made up for it!
Lisabel and I went to shop some groceries before heading to Venice and WOW, we did buy A LOT. And the best thing was that we only bought Food :P Anne and Venice on the other hand bought sushi and not even the people at the sushi restaurant were used to selling that much sushi, since that woman asked if we were having a sushi party xD erm, YES?!
Afterwards we headed off to Venice’s place and had our well deserved lunch. It was gooooodddd. However, the best part was after eating – handing out the presents. Everyone was wayy more than content with what they got. Especially Venice was super duper psyched about her presents, since she couldn’t stop wearing, touching or looking at them. Thanks girls for the super awesome presents! They’re the best!!!

YES!! Our little food party :D

Travelgirls – yes, te Jona, we were thinking of you – inventor of our name :P

You can’t not have a all-girls get-together without a typical chick flick – Mean Girls ftw!

More pictures coming up ;]

=] <3 dont forget to smile.

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