Where my American Girl at?


While all my loved ones were at YFL’s PDA, I was at home trying to get some school work done but even more crucial than that my homegirl from the USA was in V-Town.
On the 3rd Nicole and I organised a dinner with a little get together at the restaurant Centimeter in the 7th district. We had great food and great laughs although Ms. Prisci stood us up. Nahhh, jk jk ;D She unfortunately missed the train to Vienna since she was in Lower Austria and a few of us – myself included – couldn’t stay and wait up for her. BUT the day after we all met again at Starbucks in the City. It was packed but we managed to find some seats :)
Achh, it was sooo good seeing her. She’s one of my best friends and even though she lives across the ocean and beyond (:P) nothing ever changed. It was if it was yesterday and it didn’t feel different AT ALL. I’m so grateful for having her as a friend. She’s an inspiration and a motivator to me. Her ambition and her drive but most of all her positivity and cheerful being is so inspiring and i love her for that. Moreover, I’m super proud of her and her accomplishments! Dont forget girl, don’t stress so much ;)

We’ve all grown up but still, we’ve grown together and I can’t wait to find out what the future holds for us. Maybe some Cali time in two years or so?
Priss, I LOVE YOU, Girl!!!!!!

Reunion of the CREW :) Though Jharna is missing!

I have the weirdest face expression EVER! I’m totally ruining the picture :P

Niggi, Priss et moi

I think even though there’s the distance, no matter what, if you really care for this person, nothing will ever change!

=] <3 dont forget to smile.


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