love your mums =]


This entry is for my mother dear <3

Just had another conversation with mother dear. I missed those deep conversations with her. I totally forgot how much strength they give me and how much they show me that my opinion does matter, whether I am wrong or right. She’s not the type of person who just goes along with what I say. If she thinks differently, she’ll say it. Sometimes we do not get along and she can be a pain in the ass but I still love her though. At times I get the feeling that I do not have anything in common with her but then again, through my actions I can see her in myself. It is creepy sometimes but I do not feel bad having her traits in myself. I have always seen her as my role model and although she gets on my nerves with her über-dominant personality, I still appreciate her. Everyone would say that their mothers are inspirations to them, well let me be one of the people who says that about her mother as well. Not everyone knows what she has gone through and let me tell you, she has been through a lot since the age of 5 and it is amazing what kind of person she became today. She manages basically everything and that with success. I do not know another person who is always right and who to 98% can always say ‘I told you so’ to people. It is amazing. I know I cannot be like her and it is not my goal to be like her but she is someone I truly look up to. Education is such a big thing for my mum and I understand that and I also thank her for not being too hard on me when I fail. The thought of ‘I’m not learning for my parents. I’m learning for myself’ might appeal to several kids but it does not for me. I tried switching my head to that thought but in reality you do it for your parents BECAUSE that is the BEST GIFT you can give them. My aunt said so and I truly believe in it. Here in Austria it is easy for us kids to take education for granted since we do not pay a large sum of tuition fees for the university nor large amounts of money for even being allowed to go to school but if we think that kids in least developed countries or the Philippines, a newly industrialised country, or even the USA which is pretty much well-off regardless its economic situation would give anything to study in a country where there’s no Numerus Clausus and hardly anything to pay for their education. I myself have that struggle to not take school for granted but we shouldn’t.

Educate yourselves people! With a 100% of reassurance I can tell you that it will get you far and beyond. I know it’s hard nowadays finding a job but hey, the world has over a hundred countries and with an education that you have, you surely can find a job anywhere! Just know what you want and it’ll all come together itself.

I’m glad that my mum kind of lead me into the direction that I’m going now. I mean, people might say you shouldn’t be going the direction your parents want you to. You should think for yourselves. Of course! But what if that direction appeals to me as well and I’m completely fine with that direction? People are different, I know, but for my part I know exactly what my goal is. And if it’s God plan as well then I cannot be happier.

Honour your mums and your dads for they only want the best for you and are insecure themselves because they worry that when you do not turn out the right way than they are to blame. Be patient with them, because they are humans too and if they have a bad day just try your best to put up with it. Try your best to obey them because they’ve been there and done that and might have more experience than you do. Finally, just be the good kid that you are who loves their family and friends.

Enough of my rambling,

=] <3 dont forget to smile.


P.S. I guess, the writer in me is BACK :))


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