Feeling the jitters


I can feel that I have to get back to school life again. My daily routine is way out of proportion already. It’s not like I am looking forward to school again, its definitely a NO, but I have the feeling that I’ve had enough of the non-school life. Ach, I can’t describe it. To put it easier: I need school-life although I am freaking out and super scared but I can’t live like this, waking up at 12pm and oversleeping half of the day. There you go. Better explanation. I have studied the last couple of days and I can sense the deprivation of my social-life or even more the social contact apart from my family. I haven’t been out in three days or so. I mean it’s not that long but still I kind of feel super ‘urgh’, low-life, no-life. But it’s my choice so I shouldn’t complain. SCHOOL SCHOOL SCHOOL SCHOOL… SCHOOL!

If you ask me how next week is gonna look like:
Monday – German revision
Tuesday – Economics revision
Wednesday – Geography test
Thursday – Business Studies/Accounting Exam
Friday – Nothing

If you ask me how it looks like in two weeks:
Monday – Business Studies test
Tuesday – Economics revision (depends whether I didn’t have one the last week)
Wednesday – Marketing test
Thursday – Accounting test
Friday – Nothing

And it goes on and on and on till start of February. Oh wow. Seeing this outlined now, it’s hella scary! BUT it’s manageable somehow! Just gotta find little distractions to keep calm yet focussed. But when February is in front of my door, it’s getting closer to warm weather and graduation. Can’t wait.

=] <3 dont forget to smile.


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