Excursion to LKW Walter


Before the big exam today three of the graduating classes, including my class and myself, went on an excursion to the forwarding agent LKW-Walter. It’s Europe’s first transportation company which does business all over the country. It is based in Wr. Neudorf, in Lower Austria and have a huge business premises. We headed off to their business premises in the morning and I had no idea what I should expect. I was curious though. When we got there we had a presentation about the business itself and I can say it was very very interesting. At first I had the impression that everything was so serious in that company. The two men who welcomed us seemed really professional and pretty much like businessmen but during the presentation of the company I figured that it was basically just making the first impression. So after the very very interesting presentation of the company we got the chance to have a look at the departments/profit-centres. My group was pretty much lucky because the department head was really really nice and he told us lots and lots about what they did. Apart from that he was not much older than we were, I guess, so everything was pretty laid back. They work hard though, not that you guys get a different impression. I’ve always seen working in a business as a very dark thing. Everything is serious and stuff, that’s how I pictured it. However, it differs from company to company. At LKW-Walter they are super open and really nice and that’s because the employees have to have good relationship with their colleagues as well as their employers which of course is their case. I was very much impressed by what I’ve learned and seen today. It made me wanna join that company as well because the people were so nice and open-minded. Apart from that, as a graduate you can be sure to get a considerably high wage when starting to work there. Plus, that company is international and in the corridors you can always hear people talking different languages which for my part I think is really good. It’s one of the company’s strengths – the languages – since they do business all over Europe, even till Kasachstan. For more information about the company click here.
I’m grateful for getting the opportunity to see this company because it made me think about things and made me realise that business doesn’t always have to be all serious, that’s why, people, pleaaassee, keep it chilled!

=] <3 don't forget to smile.


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