The bliss of understanding hidden signs


When I think about the hardships I’ve been going through during the recent years I am always overwhelmed with what messages God wants to put across. He’s full of surprises and really gives me what I need. He’s blessed me with a strong and loving family as well as friends who might come and go but mostly stay. The friends who came back into my life are most worth it. God sent them back to me for a purpose and I’ve understood the purpose. They should be there as a support when others can’t be at the moment. He blesses us with many things only we have to really find them and really appreciate them. We should not set our hopes too high because every hello ends with a goodbye, doesn’t it? If we don’t get what we want don’t fret and be sure to expect something even greater and bigger. The last couple of days I have learnt a lot. A lot about myself, a lot about life and a lot about reading God’s signs. They’ve touched me and now I just have to learn to remember and fully appreciate them. Meaning, as long as I’ll do my best, God will do the rest! No anxiousness, no worries, no panics – it’s in God’s hands and he’ll reward me for what I’m going through now. BELIEVE.

=] <3 don't forget to smile.


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