Breathe and smile


I feel quite relieved. Today I wrote my marketing test, let’s see how it turns out, and got my Geography test back. Yes, yes, I do know A LOT about Africa now :D
Due to lack of sleep – I only had about 4h of sleep last night and that’s something that will not be repeated again, I hope – I was totally absent minded today in the morning. But what still made me feel quite awake was the drive in me that has developped over the weeks. I can say I am happy that it’s back because I’ve missed it for several months now :D
Apart from that I informed with good news that the teacher cancelled this accounting test for tomorrow :D super relieved! Otherwise my week would’ve looked like this:
Monday – Business Studies (engl. part)
Tuesday – Business Studies (german part)
Wednesday – Marketing
Thursday – Accounting
Friday – Nada

Yay for not having to do the accounting test. So when I got home today, I went straight to bed and fell asleep. I only wanted to sleep for an hour but it ended up as three hours which isn’t that bad – at all. I need my sleep and I think I earned it. It’s sad how I need to earn my sleep nowadays, hay hay hay :P

What I’ve learned about the past two weeks was, that with patience, hard work, determination and most of all prayers, everything will fall into its place somehow.
These weeks have made me appreciate the people in my lives more and have also made me stronger. Every hardship has its reasons and we grow from it as long as we are willing to take the challenge. It’s put up in our lives because God knows that we can deal with it, otherwise he wouldn’t have put it in, would he? That’s how I see things. Finally, I learned that you are not defeated when you don’t stop trying and moving on.

=] <3 don't forget to smile.


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