Travel Bug Pt. 1


I’ve deleted the other entry about where I wanna travel after graduation because i found the post rather disturbing without any explanations or such.
Therefore, since I can relax from studying a bit, here’s the new post about my jetset-life continued, hopefully:

I have totally fallen in love with Amsterdam. It has just been last October that I have visited this lovely city but I didn’t quite get enough of it. The only places that have really really made an effect on me was the La Place, the best gourmet store I have been to. My roomie, her BF and I always bought our food there and it was very healthy, very fresh and of course veeery good :D Unfortunately, their homepage is only in dutch but just have a look at their food *drool*. The other place that I was very intrigued by was MONKI. I wasn’t just intrigued, it was PARADISE :D I just got hold of two pieces which I am super proud about. Too bad we didn’t have that much time to really really shop.
And last but not least I loved the city of Amsterdam! It just had the same atmosphere like Vienna. Imagine walking along the Viennese Canal in Schwedenplatz and around the First District, that’s how it felt when walking through Amsterdam’s streets. Oh right, the bikes were rather dangerous but it’s just the country’s charm, I guess and the people in Amsterdam were soooo nice and stylish of course!

Let’s stay up north, shall we? Osloooo… many things pull me to that place. Apart from great people also the city itself is something I wanna explore. It’s said to be that Oslo does not differ that much from Vienna :D Wanna see that myself and make my own impression. Oh yeah, have I mention the shopping bit yet? All of my friends came back from Oslo with hipes and hipes of shopping bags. Was I jealous? Yes very much! Fingers crossed for a Summer in Oslo =]

I really ought to go back there. BRISTOL, everybody. I spent three lovely weeks in Bristol two years ago and I should really be visiting my lovely host parents soon! They’ve been THE BEST host parent’s EVER and I don’t think anyone can top them. Bristol is a nice city and it’s easy getting around. Moreover, Skins was shot there and I was thrilled about that. A lot of students live in Bristol which makes it cool to hang out in places where many young people are. One of the highlights I had in that city was the Cabot Circus. Of course another shopping mall but I tell you, you can find EVERYTHING there. Yes, I had a very nice shopping experience there.

Yessirr, BERLIN that is. Also been there already, BUT I did not really get to see the places where it really goes down. Since having covered the cultural aspect of the city, I should look where the party at. Berlin has established into a cosmopolic city with very very fashionable people. Good job, neighbours. That’s what I want to see. I wanna see the artsy bit of the city and all its cool people.

Now going south of Austria to lovely and sunny BARCAAAA :D I can’t wait to make a step into this city. I can already feel the hippy-like and super laid-back atmosphere in that city. Apparently, lots of students live in that city and it’s super multicultural and super diverse! During Summer lots of festivals are taking place and with lots of luck and lots of prayers I might be in one of them. Lovely Valli has already been there after her graduation and she said the parties were the best in the Barcelona. Sónar 2011, where you at?

VERONA, a city I’ve been 2h to. It was a pity that I couldn’t stay longer because it truly is a lovely city. Very renaissance, very historical and very romantic. DUH! Verona is the city Romeo and Juliette had their epic love story. The streets, the city and just the places really seemed magical. Even though Romeo&Juliette’s love story was actually just fiction, the city does offer a guide through the streets of Verona and give you an insight in the places Shakespeare mentioned in his drama. Belissima!

Ah oui! J’aimerais venir à Paris, aussi! I have been to France but I have never been to Paris. Paris the city of lovers. I am quite curious about that city. It blurts fashion, love and, wait for it……. cheese! During French class we learned a bit about Paris and it sounds really intriguing. Apart from the unrest around the arrondissements, I think Paris is a must-see city when you travel through Europe. I wanna go to these little Bistros and have a cup of tea. Baguettes of course are on my list too, as well as all the little boutiques and high-fashion stores. Paris, je t’aime peut-être.

How about visiting Cannes again? Sun, drinks and party :D Swear, I had a laugh in that city and I wish I can have lots of laughs with my loved ones! Pretty much expensive city but it’s worth it. It’s not like I’m gonna spend my money for some highend-fashion clothes. I just wanna lay on the beach, soak up the sun and chill. Might even consider stay there 3 months to perfection my French. Would be awesome.

That’s it for now. Maybe my head comes up with other travel destinations for the future. Would be awesome, indeed.
Until then

=] <3 don't forget to smile.


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