23:23 =]


This weekend started pretty well. I had a household yesterday and it was fun and of course very instructive. I was glad seeing all my favourite people again and being in something where I feel I really do belong. Before the household Anne came around my place. We had a little chat and laugh before we headed to tea-licious. YES! I finally started liking it as well :) The first try was rather disappointing BUT I have finally found my preference of warm bubbletea. Anyways, Anne and I walked up that cozy and pretty straightforward street of mine towards the store. Ach, I so can’t wait for the warm weather and strolls around my area. Showing some love for 1050 MARGARETEN :) We met up Venice half way. The thing about yesterday was that everyone seemed to be a little bit confused. My dad muddled up Kennet and Jeffrey, Venice was all over the place – not knowing where to go, where to meet us, where she was and other people who seemed not to understand what they were saying. The household however, was suuuper fun. Us girls had dozens of earwigs. Some good and some really bad. Kim and I had a right laugh about this stupid song by Skihütten-Party-Hit Number 1 called “Disco, Disco! Party, Party!(DISCOPARTY BROTHERS)”. Click here for the video. It’s half German and terrible, terrible English, but it was on top of the charts in the summer. It’s pretty amusing, I think but you don’t want to put this kind of music to your favourite playlist.
The other earwig we had was Cher Lloyd’s version of ‘Turn my swag on’. I have posted a video of her a few weeks ago. She the bomb with swagga, I tell you.
Furthermore, the core-group had a talk about the schedule. The upcoming months are going to be awesome. I can’t wait for summer – congress, wyd and maybe KFL congress/camp? Lots and lots of activities. I hope the members are going to be stoked as well.

Today in the morning, I went to the dancing classes. I started about three weeks ago? My brother wanted me to take part of it to get my mind off things and just to relax for one and a half hours. This morning my big brother lead the lesson and it was awesome. I am super proud of him and he’s really good :D Housing is super interesting and fun. It’s rather hard because you’re constantly jumping but it looks waaaaaaaay cool. Can’t wait for the next lesson :)

=] <3 don't forget to smile.


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