The new tricks of advertising – trend, November 2010


Austria’s very own consumers can help save and encourage the domestic economic growth by spending their money instead of saving it. Now that the economic crisis is finally over, retailers’ turnover is rising again. For this reason companies have been investing more and more in marketing as well as in advertising. The total plus for advertising expenses in 2010 was at 10,5% whereof mostly weekly newspapers and private TV gained profit from.

In the same year the marketing and advertising methods have become subtle, better and also inscrutable. Every little detail of a product’s marketing must be considered and that on an innovative basis.

The Online-Universe has a great impact on today’s marketing world just by looking at media platforms such as Facebook where a single click can boost up a company’s brand and its popularity.
However, other methods have changed the way of advertising completely.
The consumer has always been the priority when promoting a product since the goal is to make them buy your product. With the new ways of marketing Vöslauer for example has managed to let the consumer decide on which new flavour to launch through voting via Internet or Citylight-posters.

Nespresso had a similar approach by letting the consumers vote on their favourite three possible endings.
In the past catchy slogans were the key for word of mouth but nowadays the spectrum has gotten wider. BMW Mini for example counts on all channels from viral marketing, PR, Posters and finally Internet- as well as TV-Spots.
Starbucks concentrates on central sites, Facebook, targeted promotion on Point of Sale.
But the people from Tipp-Ex have established a cleverer and even more creative way of catching a consumer’s attention by promotion. They have put a commercial on Youtube where the consumer was able to finish the storyline of the commercial by simply type in a verb in the gap of the title.

It is important to combine marketing and advertising methods in order to impress the new generations which are exposed to new technology.
However, neuromarketing, which studies consumers’ cognitive and affective response to marketing stimuli has been a success with Cellulite-Cremes where fear was the incentive. In many aspects feelings and emotions do play a big role in marketing.
With Ikea’s new commercial it had caused a new way of thinking. It is said to be that when the commercial has been done well then the products must be good as well. That means staging in advertising and marketing is gaining importance as well.

In conclusion the creative heads bet and trust on their gut feelings when developing a new concepts and count on new methods of marketing such as putting the customers’ needs first and even let them decide and actively participate in the launching of products. Moreover, guerilla marketing but also the whole spectrums of marketing channels are gaining more importance as well as combinations of various strategies.

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