Idol of the Month – Natalie Portman


I just got home from watching Black Swan. That movie literally braineffed me but regardless, I was most impressed. I have always adored Natalie Portman. Even in her calm years since her real comeback was actually last year or this year. I always knew she had so much potential in her and she proved it with this movie as well as the upcoming movies. I just don’t adore her because she is pretty and very talented but she is also a little brainy. She graduated from Harvard University, can speak more than three languages and even co-lectured at Columbia University. Well that’s inspiration for you. She said herself she’d rather be smart than a movie star. I think that is a very important aspect and I am glad that she is one of the few movie stars along Jake Gyllenhall or James Franco who still educate themselves even though they already have it all. I think she is truly an inspiration and very much down to earth. She deserved that Golden Globe and also does deserve the Oscar for her performance.

=] <3 don't forget to smile.


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