Don’t make me regret this


Sometimes wanting to see the best in people could totally go wrong. When you’ve put so much effort and all your energy into that person because you believed there were other ways and better sides in them.
I’m a strong believer of such people because every person deserves a chance. Nevertheless, I too have experienced disappointments. Disappointments I am still struggling with today although I cope.

Sometimes you can’t control how life takes its course and therefore have to experience letdowns. I can compeletely understand when two persons grow apart, that’s just how life is, natural. It might be sad but if it’s meant to be then some day you’ll find yourselves together again.

Unfortunatley, there are people in the world who lead you on. People who try to change themselves just for the sake of the situation they are in. They might want to impress you and wrap you around their little finger and that’s why they would say things that might make you think ‘wow’. The first impression always counts but would you settle yourself with just that one chance?
It doesn’t end at just that. It is not fair to other to leave it just at that.
I was never of the opinion to be content with the first impression of people because people have so much more in them and sadly how it is in this world, people just don’t care.

I want to go back to talk about when people lead you on with their fake personality and appearances. For my part, it is the most unfair thing to do. You can’t just try to be someone you’re not and make everyone believe that. Where’s honesty? Where’s appreciation for being honest? Where’s the respect in this?
Why lie at people when you don’t gain anything from it? Why lie to yourself when you can be yourself?
It never feels good to be lied at. Especially being lied at with things that you might think is serious or affects you.

Here’s my message to you:
Be yourself – at least one person will appreciate the way you are.
Never lead people on – you won’t gain anything from it.
Don’t repeat but do learn from your mistakes – it reduces the hurt in the end.
Finally, never let any person leave with the thought, they have regretted getting to know you.

=] <3 don't forget to smile.


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