Ramblings of February 2009


I’ve just looked at my very old tumblr blogs and found this.
I was just thinking to put some of my old blogs in here.. just like that, just because i feel like it :P

I figured, that you don’t have to grow apart when you don’t want to. As long as you’ve got the will to figure it all out and try your best sticking to them then you can be part of everyone’s life. The insecurities of not being an important person to someone or not being part of the game just hinder you from staying in that person’s life. You’ve got to ignore the insecurities and just live the moment and take every opportunity and chance there is – that’s how insecurities might fade away. No, you can’t play your cards against nature but you can play your cards in a certain order that for a moment come out of your shell and be someone you’re not used to. In life, you regret a lot but you also learn from the mistakes you make.

=] <3 don't forget to smile.

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