Inspiration, where you at?

fashion, inspiration

I’m kind of bored of the hipster/chique look nowadays. I mean, I guess I will always have these influences in my style if ever I go through a major make-over but it is hard finding something new. I slowly get tired of the same old same old stylers’ style – doesnt matter if you understand what i mean by that :P all I’d like are comfy clothes, oversized clothes, preferably with leggings and comfy shoes. Yes, I’m a fan of comfortable, laid-back, easy clothes. But then again, I also wanna look nice and edgy. Haven’t been shopping in ages as well so I have no idea what the stores offer nowadays. I had my hair cut the other day and I am pretty satisfied with the outcome. I don’t really have to do all that much with my hair, except straighten it a little bit but not more than that. My new hair-idol would be Jen Suk. I adore her hair. It’s really edgy and different in some way and it kinda suits to her personality (I guess).
Anyways, it is hard finding some inspiration. If I were to choose the influences I’d take all brit-it girls together and mix all their styles up :P yes, that most probably be me in some way :P

=] <3 don't forget to smile.


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