I’ve done some changes on my blogsite yet again and I must say I’m not that satisfied with it yet. As soon as I get a little more time I might experiment with it again but as for now, I’ll leave it this way. Yes, and even the fonts of the text have changed, but just because I found out that you could click on the ‘compose’ mode. FUNNY – I’m so lame. ANYWAYS, the technological enlightenment is not meant here on this current post, but I have been wondering around lately trying to look for new inspo for a change of style. I have found something but I haven’t found the time to implement it. It has to do with parents’ clothes or more to do with daddy’s clothes. That’s my idea for now. Whenever I get the time I might go and check out some of the secondhand stores I have in my area. Let’s see if they’re any good :D Zara and H&M don’t tempt me at the moment neither that forever21 store that will soon open up in Vienna’s Kärnterstraße. Seems like I’m pretty bored with the fashion of these houses already. I so can’t wait for spring to be finally here. Warm weather, blue sky, my birthday and of course graduation peek time :D That’s what’s up!

=] <3 don't forget to smile.


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