This blog-entry is totally dedicated to my bestest, bestest, bestest friend.
No, I won’t be all to cheesy this time, I promise :P

I just wish you all the, all the best from the bottom of my heart! You deserve everything good in the world because you as a person are remarkable and totally unique, which is the best part of you. You’re special and not only I see that in you. Everyone does! You’re a great ate, not only to Noel but to everyone in the community and you have no idea how much everyone appreciates you and is grateful for your help or your shoulder to cry on. Furthermore, you are a great daughter and a great friend and you can see that by just how big your circle of friends has grown over the past couple of months! I am proud to say that you’re my bestie :) You, as well as I myself, have upgraded! YAY! HAHAHA xD Refering to the pictures we looked at the other day as Teenagers (but as in Teenagers)! You’re a big part of me, but you know that already ;D But just to remind you, I’m always there for you, as in ALWAYS :D Whenever there’s something you need, just holla at your girl!

But don’t think, just because it’s your special day I’m going all cheesy and honest with you! You know that these words count every day! So, from this point on, grow as the person you are right now, because the path you’re going is the right one and you have so much dedication towards God that I really look up to you because of that. You’re the BEST as in THE BEST!

Happy Birthday Loser! Love you and God Bless!





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