Mindset: It’s with the brains not with the heart


I have realised that I have yet so much to learn.
Sometimes when situations do not quite begin at usual terms but at rather unusual and complicated terms, it might be smart not let your heart determine the situation but rather your brain. If the situation leaves you confused or unsuspecting because feelings were involved there might not be another way out of the situation than having to deal with it in an uncomfortable way. The principles your mind was set on have faded away because you were too naive to think that nothing big will change but then when it suddenly comes differently you feel stuck and dumb and stupid because your brain should have stuck to the principles and ideologies in the first place but your heart took over the decisions you made.
And yet again I had to learn things the uncomfortable way. Things that will be worthwhile are never easy. You just have to work hard so you can say you’ve fully deserved what you wanted. And often it’s the case that it’s not only you who is involved. Another person can be involved too and it’s your task to consider them as well.

In conclusion, it’s with the brains, not with the heart at the moment. All I can say is that my heart will have its performance any time soon and that with a 100% guarantee.

=] <3 don't forget to smile.


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