Today: Practice radical self-worth


by MASTIN KIPP on MARCH 7, 2011

Today is a great day to practice LIVING and ACTING on your self-worth. How? Celebrate spending a little more money on yourself than you normally would. Pamper yourself with a little extra love. Take yourself out to a fancy restaurant and, if you’re feelin’ it, bring a friend or a special someone and treat them, too.

Exercise the abundance that’s in your life, now. Be a living expression of what’s good, what’s great and what’s possible in this life.

Instead of thinking you aren’t worth a purchase, a greater wage or love, know that you deserve the best in all areas of your life. The best can only show up if you expect it and allow it in. Activate the dormant radness around you by acting “as if” the life you want to live is already here.

Today, celebrate yourself by taking radical care of yourself. Give your body the healthiest foods and hang out with people who support your dreams. Please, DON’T beat yourself up for treating yourself well.

All the good stuff will find you when you decide you are worth letting it in. You’d be surprised how much greatness is at your fingertips, right now.

Let it in.

Love, Mastin

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