Lent: 40 days of Fasting


Today at Ashwednesday it is lent again. I have decided to fast Facebook for 40 days which is more or less the challenge I have to face. I am actually looking forward to fasting since I really want to find out if I can pull through. I am thinking that it won’t be that hard since the next couple of weeks will keep me occupied with school, so let us see, and I am also positive about the fact that the 40 days will fly by. When I looked at my calendar earlier and counted down the 40 days I realised that it is on the Friday of the 15th in April which is the date where my secondary education slowly comes to an end. All grades have to be ready and set on that day which basically means that I would no longer be a student anymore. But I also think that after the lent I will grow so much stronger as a person and that I will become more confident about what my inner strength is capable of.

Not to forget, during lent, you also dedicate yourself to the Lord, that is why I will try my very very best to pray more and harder. I pretty much lift everything up to Him and I trust that He will give me the best I deserve.

All my prayers are with you and
=] <3 don't forget to smile.



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