Hello Spring :) Hello Future.


FINALLY, Spring says hello this week. The weather forecasts come with good news. It’s gonna be lots of sun and warmer weather. FINALLY! I walked through the city today after school and I must say, lots of people took an advantage of the nice weather. Being in the city always makes me curious about people’s fashion. I must say, there were a few people that caught my eye although I am still of the opinion that people dress too stereotype again. Where the mainstream at?

Anyways, my day was good. I wrote my last maths exam in my life and I must say it feels good after knowing that maths was not that much of a scary subject this year!
Yes, time is flying by and I am both happy and scared. I will be writing my last exams in my life in some of the subjects ever in the upcoming weeks.
Which makes me think about what I want to do after school even more. Most of the people know that I am really into writing and that I might persue a career as a journalist but most of the people just do not understand why I would go into that direction or why I would choose a subject in university which is practially overcrowded. I just go with the thought that this is what I want to do and it is for my benefit and it is my life. People might judge and might want to give me some advice but at the end of the day it is me who persues that direction. They can judge and talk but in reality who is the person who knows more about one’s future? Well, that’s me isn’t it, if it’s my life. It is normal thinking about one’s future as in having a fixed job in some company in 5 years’ time or so but I do not see myself in that light yet. I am going through my chapters of life step by step. The next big chapter will be my student life at university and I guess, after that the next chapter will be living life as an employed person.

I am one of the people who wants to enjoy life to the fullest and therefore thinking about in which company I want to stay for the rest of my life is nothing that concerns me that much yet. The people at my age want to get the studying over with and head directly into the life of work but I do not roll that way. Before I really want to settle down I want to see the world, travel and make lots of experience in all of life’s facettes. I do not want to be a person who’s life evolves around their job, money and materialistic things. I would rather enjoy my life and explore and learn things in that sort of the way.

I know I dream big, but who says it is impossible? Life is full of surprises and life is something we should embrace and find joy in it.

=] <3 don't forget to smile.


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