YAY :)


Just got back from my matura presentation! How relieved I am. I never ever have to work on this project in my life again – it was long enough! After a two hour exam in a very important subject and the projec presentation, I am just really happy that both kind of worked out, well the other much better. The project presentation was a success and all the people who came liked it very much! Thanks again for all the people that came.

I am just so happy to put all this behind me. A very big chip fell off my shoulder today! It’s just the beginning of the end though. Two more weeks with lots of stress but if I got through this week, I might as well managed the upcoming weeks :D Speaking of two weeks: it’s my birthday sooon! Am I excited? Yeah, I am. Only a bit sad, that I only get to celebrate it a week afterwards but then again the week after my birthday is the day where I’m done with this school year! Super stoked about it.

Anyways, I might post pictures of the project presentation, but for now… toodles!

=] <3 don't forget to smile.


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