Sunday, happy Sunday


It’s the 3rd Sunday in the lent season and well, we have come halfway already! Be proud of yourself! This lent is something really special to me, I realised. It’s the first proper fasting I’m doing and I can say that I do feel good. It’s just a mind matter to stick to the deal and even though it is quite hard, not reaching for the rice or going on FB and other things, I am already proud of myself that I really do pull through =) More importantly why this season is important to me, is that I learn a lot. I learn a lot to trust God and myself more. Without trusting and believing in Him, there’s no chance that I can trust myself and believe in myself. That’s what I’ve learnt. Not only the girls but also I have realised that the fasting has bonded us more stronger now. Of course, the issues we’re facing at the moment have resemblance but then again, I am happy that we go through the same things. There’s more understanding, there’s more compassion and more togetherness. Although we are at different levels in life, it is still really nice to know that at some point in life, you and your best friends find yourselves at the same spot. They have my back and I know that I have theirs, whatever might happen and that’s what I’m so grateful for. Now it’s TGs minus one for a while. I already miss the missing lady but I look forward to seeing her again in three weeks.

Just before I end this blog, I would just like to share about what helped me through the hard times the past few weeks. I learnt it the hard way, with lots of tears, lots of self-doubt and of course the feeling of being a loser. I do not let myself think that anymore because I am a winner. I won because I didn’t give up and always tried my best. I won because I don’t doubt on Him. Finally, I won because I appreciate all the blessings he has given me.
So I’ve been listening to a lot of Hillsong music and I can tell you, they helped a bunches. It helped me through times of fear and panic. They make me feel strong and I am glad that there’s the possibility to always get to listen to them. Here are a few of my favourites:

=] <3 don't forget to smile.


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