Ray Ban shades, check; denim jacket, check; sunshine, check

I can gradually smell spring time with this beautiful weather :) Today I wrote the last test for this week and I am super glad. I thought this week would be terrible but with a little faith and a little bit of luck, it turned out fine. I can’t believe that after next week, the school year is basically over for us seniors. The only thing we would have to focus then, would be studying for the final exams in May, but until then we still have a bit of time ;D
Since I studied last night, I only managed to get 4 1/2h of sleep but to my surprise I didn’t feel exhausted or totally destroyed in the morning. Guess why? I drank half a can of Red Bull at midnight, so to stay awake for another couple of hours. So, I can conclude, that this energy drinks do have a major effect on me. That didn’t use to be the case before. Surprise, surprise.
After school and also during school time I decided to go to tealicious yet again, to have a little celebration for the end of the stressful week. Of course, I didn’t want to go on my own, so, I took my little sister and my little brother with me. It quite amazes me of how fast they are growing up. It kinda is scary as well, I must admit, especially when your little siblings turn into teens. That’s when all the older sister overprotectiveness starts.
When you have younger siblings, you start to kind of understand your parents and their worries and stuff. That is why I find it hard making decisions for the little ones. Anyways, I was glad getting to spend some quality time with them. I love you, sis & litttle monster.
The little monster all smiles & my pretty little sis.

The little monster & my humble self

Sup bro? Seen a pretty lady?

=] <3 don't forget to smile.


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