I want that extra cheese to my w(h)ine


Okay, the negative effects of lack of sleep have kicked in. Straight after school I went to have a sit-in at Coffeeday in the City. I managed to sort of get one little chapter summarization done and I am still not near of getting finished. While writing the summary in that coffee house I was pretty much distracted by all these people I was surrounded by. I had a little table for two right in front of the window and next to me were Italians, well that’s what I thought. I came to the conlusion that they were tour-guides and it was rather interesting. Don’t think of me being a stalker but I was rather bored and overhearing people’s conversations seemed to be more interesting than summarizing business studies. So, these two people next to me had an interesting conversation about literature. Too bad they didn’t touch the topic I should study for German, but still, I was quite fascinated about their conversation. Tour guides are generally pretty interesting to me. They know a lot about history and all sorts of things that would interest me as well. They even complained about the bookstores in Italy :P One of them said that Venice offers a wide range of books whereas Padova doesn’t since it is also a very small city. Haha, I feel like a right stalker now. No hate though. Since I am currently studying German literature I just kind of feel lucky to get this opportunity, although I do not always listen during the lessons but in the long-term it really does educate you. I mean, would you ever, like ever, read anything from Grillpartzer, Schiller, Goethe or Hauptmann voluntarily? Or have you ever heard of them before? To be honest, I have never heard of a Grillpartzer and a Hauptmann before although they are one of the most influential authors in the German Literature. They would be the equivalent to Dickens, Austen, Poe etc. Oh and not to forget Stefan Zweig!

Furthermore, I do not get the feeling that many people, especially young adults, read that much anymore. Am I wrong with that impression? Because, if I am, please do correct me. I think reading is very important. It does not only improve your language skills but it also trains your brain and you also gain a lot of new insights on life. I rather miss reading a lot that’s why I can’t wait for mid-june where I can let go of everything and finally do things that I really do enjoy. Sundays in bed with a good book just sounds like a dream to me at the moment. But it’s a dream that I’m getting close to fulfill.

=] <3 don't forget to smile.


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