Geez, 19 years old and totally exhausted I lying on the couch :) however I had a really, really nice day. Last night I was very much entertained by my loved ones since the counted down the hours with me. Today at school I had to write a little revision first thing but it was alright… pretty chilled. Talked to my neighbour now and then and compared xD That’s what you do if you have a laid back teacher! My class was so sweet. One of my classmates baked me a really good cake. Thanks Kati again, super delish cake ;) School wasn’t all that much of a drag. I got away before it got too boring. After school I went to church and thanked God for all my blessings! I’m so grateful for everything he has given me and I appreciate every ups and every downs. Right after church I met up with my wonderful and bestest loser =] My girl looking hawt today! I was glad that the weather wasn’t that bad today. It was sunny but then again also really windy but it was fine. My bestest took me out for lunch at that awesome restaurant ‘Freiraum’. Thanks again, Sio, for the treat! You’re the best! The food was yum, ofc. After chilling, talking and eating we went to see our lovely Lisabel just to pick up something from her. Still, it was great seeing her since I wouldn’t have had the chance. Roaming around Mariahilferstraße, Venice and I ´simultaneously also raided the stores a little bit. Can’t wait to go and shop =] We also got the chance to talk to our dear Suga, who’s currently out of the country. Darn, I miss that girl and can’t wait to see her next week again!  My day ended with a GA with a very inspirational talk and of course the day ended with a family dinner. Dad’s made an effort making sushi and pancit =] Loved it of course! Thanks again to everyone who greeted me. I’m sorry I can’t reply on FB, since I am fasting, but I do appreciate all your greets :D :D :D I’ll get back to you on Sunday ;) Oh yeah, do keep spamming Venice with the greets! She loves it! HAHA xD Kidding, Bruno Mars!

YUMMY FOOD =] Thanks loser <3

The empty room 

We so dorky, it hurts! Thanks for the tons of laughs, Bruno Mars =)
All smiles much? (even though we’re loners)

Yeah, the Losers, losing around :P

Wonder why there’s a table in the middle of the room? Yeah, that woman asked herself the same thing!

=] <3 don't forget to smile.


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