Smooth, bro, smooth!

I had a super long Thursday, I must say. School from 7.40am until 9.25am, then Starbucks time until 12! Then I went to mass and spend another hour roaming around the city until Sio finally came :P It was a long, long day with lots of laughs. A litre of iced coffee shouldn’t come into our hands again! We visited Lisabel and had a little talk before Sio and I headed home. 
In the evening we headed to Jeffrey’s concert together with several other people. It was a private concert since it only was the semi-finals. He did really well and so did all other contestants. Jeffrey’s Fan Club at the back (i.e. US) was pretty loud but that’s only because of the big love for him! It was a great and fun night. Keep up the good work, Jeffo! Out of the 16 contestants in the semi-finals, dear Jeffrey managed to sing himself into the finals with other 7 performers :) You got our backs, bro ;) Watch his performance here.
Are we cool?

Oh yes, we’re cool!

The judges

Love’em Girls :D <3

20.40pm Jeffrey Gabunia :]

Your forever FANS :P

=] <3 don't forget to smile.


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