Music For Hope: The Second Round


So, this really cool event is coming up in about two weeks’ time and I am super stoked and excited.
Last year’s Music For Hope (organised by Brian Salonga)  was a success – too bad the idea of writing a review didn’t quite reach my mind – and this year, I bet it’s going to top the one from last year. American-Idol Contestant Andrew Garcia will be the main act of the evening accompanied by Michael Carreon, a well-known Youtube-Star. But of course, to heat everything up before the main guest takes the stage, many different performers (singers as well as dancers) are going to stand in the spotlight. I can’t wait to support all of my friends who are going to perform. However, just to point out that this event isn’t just some kind of casual or normal event. Music For Hope is a special charity concert with the goal of supporting an orphanage in the Philippines. Make sure to get your tickets! For more information, click here.
Here is just a little taste of what you guys can expect:

My darling, my love, my D-Buddy <3 The Austrian equivalent to Melissa Polinar: Kim Abapo! She posted some of her own and incredible music on her Youtube-Channel! Check it out and let yourself be mesmerized ;)

People, this is Jeffrey :) A super talented guy who recently made the second place in a talentshow-competition, which makes him something close to a SUPERSTAR :P Wanna see more of him? Just come and join the event ;D

THE DIVA <3 Rose May Alaba is going to entertain us with her bubbly personality and of course her RnB-like voice. Check more of my lovely here.

EJ Ramos aka “the dude who stole my insider”! He is such a super talented musician, so please make sure to check his Youtube-Channel out!

Of course, these guys will be there as well: ROTZBUA & Jayven. They’re super funny and talented as well. I can’t wait for them to perform ;)

Not to forget these two super cute ladies: My sweety Trisha and the TeenageRockstar Dencive all together make –> LYSHAA. I’m super stoked about them!!!

Now to the dancers: There’s just no way I can’t help myself being totally in awe about these guys: SWAG. Their dance group has just formed some time earlier this year but they have shot up like rockets. I am super proud of them and super proud that they can shine at this event. For more videos of them, check my brotherheart’s Youtube-Channel.

And not to forget THESE heartthrob of gentlemen: P-Noise. These guys are absolutely amazing! They were able to gain professional experience with Katy Perry since they got to be in her ‘Fireworks’ Video. It’s always a pleasure to support you guys :D

You just can’t have a super huge event without them lads: URBAN MOVEMENT. I can promise you, they will blow you away with their dance performance and I am not even kidding. They are absolutely mindblowing, so make sure you come and see for yourself ;D

Aren’t you also of the opinion that there are almost only male dancers? I think so too and that’s why I am really psyched that this girl dance group is going to perform as well. And yeeep, they also won the Katy Perry Contest and were part of her music video. Enjoy them, t’bubbles are the sweetest!

So, I hope I could give you a little taste of what will be going down on

June, 11
Haus der Begegnung, Floridsdorf
Angererstraße 14
1210 Wien

Keep in mind that this was just a little taste of what to expect – the list of performers goes on and on and on, so make sure you won’t miss any of them because I can guarantee you, this night is going to be A BLAST. Therefore, what’s that they always say?


=] <3 don't forget to smile.


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