The long, long and highly awaited event of the year finally happened last Saturday (11.06.2011) in Haus der Begegnung, Floridsdorf. This year, Brian Salonga found the courage and inspiration to set up a team and organise a very special benefit concert for the St. Anthony Boys Orphanage in Davao, Philippines.
The front hall of the venue slowly started to get packed at around 5pm with excited (mostly) young people and finally, when the doors opened everyone stormed in to get the best seats. Funnily enough I managed to get the same seats I had last year! Before everything else, Brian S. had to inform the audience that star-guest Andrew Garcia could not make it to the show due to problems with his flight. However, the night was not short of another star I will later report about.

Picture source: Philipp Estupin©

The show kicked off with some promovideos by some of the perfomers as well as a little speech by one of the orphans from the St. Anthony Boys Orphanage. As soon as a little light show began with Kanye West’s All of the Lights in the background, a group of dancers (approx. two people representing that nights dance crews) stormed the stage with a big big dance interlude, officially opening the benefit concert. This grand opening was something no one really expected which made the crowd go absolutely crazy screaming and cheering for the performers.
That nights’ EMCEE was none other than Mr. Fashionisto Kuya Gerard who was absolutely one of the highlights that evening. It was purely entertainment and I could not help but laugh at all of his jokes. He was abolutely hilarious and he sure got some attitude.

Technical problems are inevitable which unfortunately, the dance group Highestlevel had to encounter due to some problems with their music but other than that, they did their very best and that with success.
The first band performance that evening was by Chason Street, a band consisting of three guys who not only cover songs but also write their own music. Their sound can be compared with catchy pop/rock songs.
Next up was another dance performance by Represent who were heating up the atmosphere not only for themselves but also for the following dancers.
She likes to be called Diva and she’s some sort of Beyonce or Rihanna – it’s Rose May Alaba. This year she took up the courage and had her first solo performance on such a huge event. You would normally see her perform with Jeffrey G. and Kim A. but this time she was perfectly capable rocking the stage on her own by singing Rihanna’s as well as Maroon 5’s and Bluey Robinson’s finest songs. Apart from her extraordinary vocals she rocked that stage with some killer shoes and a killer outfit.
One of the biggest surprises was when Musix had their performance. Not too long ago this fab dance crew broke up but seeing them on stage, united again was something coming out of the blue but extremely great.
Another surprising constellation were EJ , Annabel H. and Marvin E. Apparently, they have never collaborated before but they did a great job. It was great hearing Annabel singing again. Girl, you got that voice! EJ & Marvin, big ups for the guitar playing and of course for the singing.
T’Bubbles followed after the threesome who are now being sponsored by none other than tealicious themselves. Bubbletea ftw, no? It is always a pleasure to see these girls perform. They always stand out from other dance crew when you consider that there are mostly boys. Who run the world? GIRLS!
The next performance left me in awe and in a total fit of screaming. Please do not mind me saying this but it was Gabapo – Jeffrey Gabunia and Kim Abapo. I have known these two for so long now, been almost to every show they have done so far and they absolutely topped all of their shows with that performance on Saturday night. Jeffrey proved the quality of his voice by singing Adele’s Rolling in the deep before interacting with the crowd by singing Senorita by Justin Timberlake with Kim A. I bet after this song, everyone had an earwig because I can tell that I had one all night long. Kim sang her self-written song Lovegame which she dedicated to her best friend.
After all the RnB influenced singers and songs this upcoming band managed to stand out by literally rocking the stage: Vast. The band consisted of EJ R., Kevin C., Mark S., Jed A. and I literally could not stop bouncing my head up and down. They definitely had really good song choices and I was impressed by Mark S.’ drumming skills – wow, dude, wow! Big, big, big ups for you guys! Everyone really enjoyed your performance and may I out myself as a fan?
Some people thought they just could not shout, scream and support their friends on stage anymore – neither did I but as soon as B1-Crew got on stage the crowd just could not stop. Imagine one of your closest friends standing on stage and dancing like no other (you know who you are). I am glad that through this event people found back to their talent again and really made the most out of it. Big, big, big ups people!
Another threesome was on the row: Ralph L., Johngray P. and Ralph B. These talented singers will make and currently are already making all of those girls hearts’ beat faster. In a few years time, I’m telling you – heartthrobs all the way.
Just when I look at them, the pride I have for them overwhelms me all the time. This dance group just blew every single one’s mind away and that in the literal sense: SWAG, y’all. Considering that they are still pretty young they have such a bright future ahead of them with all the talent they have, they literally always throw it into people’s faces. The biggest highlight that night was definitely them. I applaud every single one of you and please take into account that I am super duper proud of you guys (especially brotherhearts: iiishhh, Raniel, what happened?).
After the whole hype the crowd calmed down and the timing was perfect for Jammers. They took the clever route of doing a Bruno Mars medley sung by Kievin Boongaling and Bryan Macalindong. Kudos for the band that accompanied them.
Right after that performance it was Kievin B’s time to shine. This laid back dude also somehow shows his laissez-faire when sings his songs. His voice has got something that I just cannot describe. But to be on point now: extremely talented and enjoyable.
Vienna’s heartthrobs: P-Noise. First of all they looked really really good and I bet every single girl screamed and cheered for them. Not even I could not help but cheer for them. Each and every choreography of them is off the hook and I do not really have to say that because everyone knows. The best part was remaking the Poreotics choreography in Bruno MarsLazy Song video. Funny and memorable. I do not know what else to do than to just praise you guys. Keep it up! Keep it up making everyone go ‘wooow’.
Next up was a duett by best friends: Pheng S. and Lam N. Their choice of songs was impressive. Apart from other big songs they chose Jessie J.’s Nobody’s Perfect and even that Digimon Theme song which was sung by Lam N. dedicated to Pheng S. in a super jazzy way. Different is always good!
And of course, one of the crews that you just cannot do without in such a huge event. Urban Movement, everybody. They just make the crowd go wild every single time. This time they performed with their own merchandise of clothes that looked awesome. This crew just killed it. They always manage to make a peak in their dubstep part – always!
The last performance of that night was given by Jayven ft. Lyshaa. Oh my, oh my. Their constellation was the cutest and I can say they totally suit each other optically. Not only optically but their sound just seems to be meant for each other. Considering the fact that they are only that young, all I can say is hats off!

These were basically all performers that night. But oh, wait a minute. Didn’t I forget someone?
Michael Carreon everybody, performed and completely surprised and took the whole audience. More of him in a later post with an exclusive interview.

To sum it all up: Despite the fact that there was a demand of break since there were many performers, Music for Hope 2 feat. Michael Carreon was a big and successful event that not only occured for a good cause but also brought people together as well as putting out new or newly awakened talents out there. Vienna, you know you have them talented youngsters. Kudos to Brian Salonga and his well-organised and diligent crew.

=] <3 don't forget to smile.


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